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How to Support
Shambhala Charitable Trust
The Shambhala Charitable Trust was founded in 1988 by Kyabje Bokar Rinpoche to manage all operations and projects associated with Bokar Ngedon Chokhor Ling monastery. The Trust is overseen by a board of trustees consisting of senior monastics all of whom are Indian nationals. There are two principal activities of the Trust: 1) Providing the opportunity for study and practice of the buddhadharma which eradicates the causes of suffering and deepens understanding while promoting individual and societal peace and wellbeing; and 2) Engaging in altruistic projects to alleviate the suffering of lesser fortunate residents of the region.

Managing the affairs of Bokar Monastery, the Trust provides the basic needs of shelter, nourishment, clothing, and education for aspiring monks coming from all over the Himalayan region. A full range of training possibilities are available including an eleven-year monastic college curriculum and two, three-year retreat centers where intensive meditation training is imparted. The Trust also sponsors general practice medical camps and eye clinics, and distributes free medicine for those unable to otherwise afford such benefits. A number of general education scholarships are also given to needy children in the area.

Current projects in the planning stages include construction of more residences for the ever increasing number of young monks, erecting a medical clinic for the benefit of the monastic community as well as local neighbors. If you would like to contribute to the general activities of the Trust or to any of the pending projects, please contact us.

Shambhala Charitable Trust
Bokar Monastery
P.O. Mirik 734214
District Darjeeling (W.B)