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The Retreat Centers - Daily Schedule

The aim of retreat centers is to offer facilities and conditions so that aspirants can engage one-pointedly in mediation practice. For as much as sixteen hours per day retreatants apply themselves to the practices in order to purify their minds streams of superficial obscurations and to discover and enrich the experience of the mind’s inherent positive qualities. In an effort to minimize distractions, only the retreat attendants and teachers are permitted to enter the center, and the participants do not leave for the duration of the three and one half years. Through such meditation practice, the lineage of realization is sustained.

At Bokar Ngedon Chokhor Ling there are two three-year retreat centers. One is dedicated to the lineage of the Karma Kagyu, and the other to the Shangpa Kagyu. Each facility accommodates about twenty participants and one cook.

3am - 5am Waking yoga and first individual session
5am - 6am Water torma, personal practice time, and breakfast
6am - 7:30am Group practice of Tara or purification of the three vows
8am - 11am Second individual session
11am - 1pm Lunch and personal practice time
1pm - 3pm Third individual session
3pm - 5pm Tea and group practice of the protectors and various prayers
5pm - 6pm Dinner and personal practice time
6pm - 8pm Fourth individual session
8pm - 9pm Vajrakilaya and Chod