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His Holiness Shakya Trizin Rinpoche (Drolma Phodrang) Graciously Visited Bokar Ngedhon Choekhorling on 10th, Nov. 2011.
His Holiness Shakya Trizin Rinpoche (Drolma Phodrang) graciously visited Bokar Ngedhon Choekhorling on 10th Nov 2011. At 2 pm all the monks and lay people eagerly waited for His Holiness. At 2:30 pm His Holiness arrived and he was greeted by Khenchen Donyo Rinpoche with a long queue of monks carrying victory flags and sounds of gyaling, cymbals and drums at the Shangpa Retreat Center gate.He proceeded to the main shrine hall where he was offered Mandala by Khenchen Donyo Rinpoche followed by the oral transmission of Manjushree Name Praise. It was an auspicious and blessed visit. We are deeply grateful for His Holiness' kind visit.