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The Annual Chod Pujas commenced from 30th April till 4th May 2013
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Annual Kalacakra Pujas started on 15th April and concluded on 25th April, 2013
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The week long elaborate Manjushree puja concludes today with a Manjushree fire puja. The Pujas started soon after the completion of Teachings on Manjushree given by Kyabje Khenchen Donyo Rinpoche.
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Kyabje Khenchen Bokar Lodoe Donyo Rinpoche is giving spring teachings on Munjushree to Geshe Phuntsok, Khenpos from Bhutan and Mundgod Shedra, lamas and monks of our monastery and other nearby monastery. The teachings started on 20th of February, 2013. Al
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Wisdom Protecter Six Armed Mahakala Grand Puja and the Auspicious Vajra Dances
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Pictures from the Dorje Phurba Intensive Puja which commenced from 5th December to 13th December
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Congratulations! His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa hosted the 16th Kagyu Gonchoe Winter Debate in Bodh Gaya and the monks of Bokar Institute of Buddhis... → Read More
On 6th November 2012, a new group of retreatants began the intensive three years retreat in the Shangpa Kagyu Retreat Center.
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